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About Bartlett Motorsport Engineering

Our focus is on the dirt late model chassis platform with emphasis on the conventional short-long arm front suspension and the four link decoupled live axle rear suspension.

Our Mission

The mission of Bartlett Motorsport Engineering is to improve the racing performance of our customers.   This is accomplished through the use of data acquisition analysis, full body simulation, and historical knowledge.  In addition to our goal of improving performance, it is also is to also our gaol to offer a shopping experience tailored to dirt oval racing teams.

Why Choose Us

There are a lot of resources out there that will help a team tune their car. "Tighten it up here a litle, free it up there a little". We can help close the gap between making a guess of how much "a little" is and quantifying how much "a little" acutally is.

Meet Our Team

Joe Bartlett


Terry Ballou

Database and Web Developer